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19:00-22:00 PLAN B CONFERENCE 

19:00 Andriy Tuzhykov / UA, Сhernivtsi

Cultural projects in public spaces

Project manager in MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ and the Literary center of Paul Celan, curator of art-intervention in the abandoned spaces, curator of СULTLAB art-space and the project CHERNIVTSI URBAN EXPLORATION, the head of  NGO The laboratory of culture researches 

19:30 Andrii Palash / UA, Dnipro
Cooperation with international institutions, foundations and partners

Cultural manager and curator, founder of NGO Kultura Medialna, the festival of contemporary art Construction and How To Make Conference and the independent label Deeplimit; aco-founder of cultural public space Stage.

20:00 Julia Manukian / UA, Kherson
Research and changing the city, experimental urban planning through art

Editor ‘СОУС South Ukrainian Culture’, curator, art critic, writer. Topic: Experimental urban planning through art: public space—contemporary art—actualization of historical and cultural heritage.

20:30 Mathieu Radoubé / France-Ukraine
From urban riots to cultural development

MRP Photographie/Journalist, freelance photographer since 2013, Mathieu came to the photo following the Ukrainian events of Maidan in December 2013. Passionate about photography and a student in History and geopolitics, he migrated in Eastern Europe to continue research on the identity crises that shook this region of Europe since the end of the USSR. Now he focused on cultural development, underground culture in Ukraine.

21:00 Bojan Bošković / Serbia Culture and youth movements

Co-founder of EXIT festival, SHARE Conference and Refugee Open Ware, one of organizers of PLAN B festival. Will speak about using art and culture as a language of communication with the youth and cultural events as a boost of youth movements.

21:30 Alina Khanbabaevа / UA, Kharkiv
How to build a plane out of shit and sticks

Executive Director of PlAN B festival, founder of NGO ‘Culturna Agencia A’, organizing festivals ‘Day Of Music’ and Day of One  Street (Kharkiv). Will speak about PLAN B main idea and how to create something great from the scratch, using ‘just’ enthusiasm and creativity.

22:00-05:00 PLAN B NIGHT


22:00 Stich / UA, Dnipro

The real name is Sergey Aldosov, has been performing since 2003, resident of Abstract Beats Crew.


23:00 Skallahavet / Gothenburg, Sweden

Kajsa Magnarsson is a Swedish sound artist, performer and curator that works in many different fields, from making films and sound installations to playing at nightclubs. Kajsa has a BA in Composition, Sound Art, from Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg University.

00:05 Birds Ov Paradise / Gothenburg, Sweden

01:00 Badmango / UA, Zaporizhzhya


02:00 Asket / UA, Kharkiv

03:30 Subforms / UA, Dnipro

Subforms is an electronic project from Ukraine behind which there is musician Evgeny Konovalov. Evgeny was born in the southern part of Ukraine, on the picturesque peninsula of Crimea. Exactly there, the beauty of the nature, mountain landscapes and sea forms his love to all fine, art and music.