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Writer, journalist, activist, General Producer at UA: Suspilne Movlennya,
founder of WISE COW Video LEctorium

Tetyana Kiselychuk is the general producer of the educational direction on UA: Suspilne Movlennya. She supervises the content of three national and 27 regional TV channels, as well as four radio stations and several Internet platforms. Tatiana is also the founder of the WISE COW Video Lectorium. The site has 9 sections: literature, cinema, art, music, journalism, theater, history, fashion and society, as well as the section “Cities” – a map of Ukraine’s social initiatives and events. 10 courses is planned to be published on each of the sections. Each course holds 10 videos and 10 additional materials. Previously she worked as editor-in-chief of lifestyle-edition, and earlier was an air hostess on international airlines. A very multifaceted person, yes.)