SAMM FARI MONRO (Harare, Zimbabve)

Samm Fari Monro (Harare, Zimbabve)
Magamba Network

A speaker at a day conference.

Comrade Fatso (Samm Farai Monro) is one of Zimbabwe’s pioneering creatives. The artist, born as Samm Farai Monro, juggles being a poet, a comedian, a blogger, a new media publisher, a festival director and a creative director. Comrade Fatso currently runs Magamba Network, one of Zimbabwe’s most dynamic organizations that works on the cutting edge of culture, media, activism and innovation. Magamba’s award-winning projects include Shoko Festival, Zimbabwe’s biggest festival of urban culture;, one of the country’s leading youth opinion blogs; and Zambezi News, the hugely popular satirical news show. Through his trailblazing creative work Comrade Fatso has reached millions across the country and beyond. Samm can speak about building successful DIY media.